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Personal Loan for Foreigners in Singapore, Easy Expat Loans

Personal Loan for Foreigners Singapore

Flexible Personal Loan Packages for Foreigners in Singapore, Easy Expat Loans

Do you find it daunting to access a loan from a Singapore bank as a foreigner? You don’t need to panic because CreditMasterz has the right solutions for you.

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Singapore attracts a large number expats due to the fast evolving economy, congenial investment opportunities, high life standards and political stability. The percentage of expats living in Singapore constitutes around 38% of the total population.

Financial constraints have become a source for concern for expats due to the recent global economic recession. Singapore residents can access loans to meet their financial needs. What about expats? They have to deal with strict rules and regulations while applying for loans. Since the interest rates are also very high, meeting urgent financial needs becomes a serious concern for them. You can get rid of this problem with CreditMasterz’s overseas loan online Singapore services.

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We offer unsecured loans for foreigners in a fast manner to meet their urgent financial emergencies. You don’t have to worry about the hassles involved with traditional lenders. Our easy-to-access loan packages are flexible and affordable as well.

You can arrive at the best buying decision with the help of our experience loan experts. As an expat, you can utilize our overseas loans online Singapore packages to address any type of financial need. For example; you can use our loan funds to settle home upgrade, vehicle bills, medical bills, tuition expenses and many more.

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Qualifications needed to apply for a foreigner loan

You must be a foreigner living in Singapore. Your age must be above 21 years. Documents to be submitted include bank statements, proof of residence, appointment letter from the employer, payslips for last three months and proof of identity. You have to submit your passport and a valid Singapore Employment work pass as proof of identity.

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